Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crazy Piecing Tutorial continued

Crazy Piecing (continued) Be sure to check out the first part in Previous Posts

Image10Here I have started Fabric 3, laying a straight edge right side down along another raw edge of my base piece. I drew a pencil line with a ruler because my base piece wasn't exactly straight. I'm laying my top piece along that pencil line and stuck in a pin so I can get it under the needle in an orderly fashion.

Image12After sewing along the straight edge, I Image11flipped the Fabric 3 over, right side up. I finger pressed the seam, stuck a couple of pins in along the foundation edge and turned everything over. Now I will trim away the excess Fabric 3 along the foundation piece edges.

Image13Here's the crazy piecing now. We have the large flowered base piece, the painted fabric (Fabric 2) and the striped silk (Fabric 3).

Image14Next I decided to audition a new piece. I want to get the flowers pieced in without too much getting chopped off, so I lay the fabric on top, folding under right where I want the seam line to be. I finger pressed this fold to give me a sewing line. (This way you don't have to worry about cutting, allowing for an exact seam allowance, before you sew.)


Ok, I stitched my piece on, leaving the dreaded "L"---2 raw edges to fill. Not to worry.


I sew my next piece along 1 raw edge and, after turning right side up, fold under the raw edge covering the other side’s raw edge. IMG_0018

I stitch very close to the folded edge. IMG_0020This is where embellishments can cover a multitude of sins! A little embroidery stitch or ribbon will look great here. And a button or other cute doodad at the corner completes it.

This new "fabric" will be used to make a handbag that I'm giving away to the 7th visitor today (or whenever). Haven't actually made the handbag yet, but will in the next day or so and will publish a photo of it when I'm done!


Sarah said...

Oh that makes sense now! I always wondered if you were supposed to fold under the edge.

coltpixy said...

You've received a blog award...