Sunday, March 15, 2009

Idea Books

I was just going thru my pile of magazine & catalog clippings. I tear pages out of all kinds of media for future ideas and keep them in a folder or basket. Then on evenings like this I clip and trim and paste them in my various binders and journals.I love all kinds of crafting, sewing and decorating. Of course, my mind's eye envisions WAY more than I'll ever accomplish! But I love looking through my books when I'm wanting to start something new.I have a little journal with clothing ideas from catalogs---I paste the item on the page and jot down next to it what it was that I particularly liked--the neckline, the use of trim, etc. Then I have my own personal catalog of fashions to design from. I use Wild Ginger Pattern Master Boutique to design patterns that fit my full figure beautifully.I have another journal that I draw my handbag ideas in, then note changes, etc. as I do them. This really helps when I write up the directions, or want to go back to the original design.I have a fat binder with home dec stuff, organized by season. It has Xmas stocking ideas, spring floral arrangements, stencil designs----just about everything!Then I have my book of drawings for landscape quilts and tapestries. I find my 9 X 5 journal pages to be less intimidating to start a drawing than a big sketch book. I didn't have much training in art, but I find that them more I sketch, the better I get.The bottom line is that I really love looking at my books. After all, every page is something that I like and it's great to go back through them, as I can't remember everything that's in them. (Actually, I can't remember a lot of things! Which is another reason I need my books!)Since I've just started blogging, I think I'm going to start a book of blog topic ideas................................!

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