Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final Results from our Fund Raiser

Here's my most recent accounting of our donation results for NADS:
My sales (4) $80
Donations thru my studio (2) $16
BirdysKnits matching donation & purchase $40
Sneakers donations $192.50
TOTAL: $328.50

Well, isn't that a great figure coming from a bunch of "starving artists"? I'm still basking in warm fuzzies--hope all of you are too.

Many asked about Dean's Bday: He had a great day. He worked at the sheltered workshop, then went to Special Olympics Bowling. Then his older brother, Ryan, (with whom he lives) and a friend took him out to eat at Chilie's. Ryan used to work there & a group of waitresses bought Dean one of those molten chocolate desserts. (Dean has the girls wrapped around his stubby finger wherever he goes!)

Sunday we celebrated Dean's Bday at our house with his younger 2 brothers. Hubby grilled cheeseburgers and I made a chocolate cake. I started showing Dean the Bday wishes as they were already coming in on Sunday and will show him all the rest this weekend. I've been telling him about them on the phone in the meantime.

So who's up for a Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser when my son #3 turns 21?!!!!

Love all of you!

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Jazzy Jemz said...

Yay for all those funds being raised! Yay for sales towards an awesome orgnaization!