Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's the Day!

Today is Dean's 21st Bday and we've had a wonderful start with 2 items sold! All the support, blogging, twittering, bumping, etc. has just filled me with joy and gratitude. I've got lots of "pay back" to do, that's for sure!

We celebrated Dean's Bday here at our house Sunday, with presents, cheeseburgers and chocolate cake. Monday morning I took Dean back to work and got some incredible feedback about him from the supervisors there---they said he's the highest functioning person with Down Syndrome they've ever seen! Way to go, Dean! And they admire his kindness, generosity, and good manners. So I'm a proud mama today!

After work, Dean will go to Special Olympics Bowling, then his older brother, with whom he lives, and some of their friends will go out to dinner. We nixed the strip club!!!!

I'm trying to get a couple more things posted in my shop today. Man, isn't there always some techie issue to deal with?

Anyway, once again, thanks to you all!

More "how-to" blog posts coming soon!

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